i’m Shawna! thanks for stopping by.

“Glitterstruck” sums up how i feel about life. i’m the easily excitable type; i find myself falling in love with a million little things every day, because life is just so fab, isn’t it? plus, i’ve always had a thing for the sparkly, so i like my days to have a little glitter edging them. it’s fun to shine.
i am first and foremost a writer/poet.
and then, i am other things…
i am a dreamer, a runner, a dancer. i am a fashion enthusiast, a health freak, a spaz. i am passionate about traveling.
i can be won over with a great surprise or some frozen yogurt.
i love a good story. i crave spontenaiety.
i like gerbera daisies and being outdoors; greek mythology and Shakespeare.
i believe in the eternal power of faith, hope & love. Jesus rocks my world. ❤

oh, and i love to have fun. whatever i’m doing, i set out to make it fun.

i originally started this blog a few years ago as an expression of my propensity toward transcendentalistic ramblings and poetic sentiments (and my love for traveling and insane wanderlust). however, upon my move to NYC, i’ve decided to evolve it into something more and make an effort to combine two of my main passions in life: writing & leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle (which i’m out to prove is certainly possible, even living in the Big Apple!).

i love apples. and frozen yogurt. i can be won over with a combination of the two. (and maybe some daisies or tulips.)

living in such a vibrant, effervescent place, i feel i’d be amiss to not incorporate my amaaaazing experiences in the City that Never Sleeps as a regular part of this blog. New York is synonymous with great eats, culture, shopping and entertainment, and i’m just bubbling with excitement over all the fabulous experiences i’ve yet to have here. i love to go out; i love food, and wine, and trying new places all the time, praying for a deliciously unique experience. in a city boasting an innumerable assortment of fabulous eateries and wine bars with every type of fare imaginable, how does one ever choose where to go? i wish i had time (and the resources) to try them all; to spend night after night tucked into a little corner of a cozy wine bar or laughing with a table of friends in a bustling restaurant, sampling cuisine and drinks from different countries around the world. that’s definitely a major attraction about this city: you can have Thai food, Greek food, Lebanese food, Colombian food, Turkish food, French food, or some sort of fantastic fusion of any of the above, at a thousand different places on any given night. and more often than not (at least in my experiences thus far), they don’t usually disappoint. with so many delicacies and treats at my fingertips here, it can be super easy to indulge in all the goodies my little heart desires and chalk it up to a phase in my life, this “ending my 20s in NYC” experience.

but i don’t want to do that.

i do, however, want to enjoy myself immensely, and go out where i please, and make the most of it all, while devoting myself to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

while have a little ton of fun, of course. which, i believe, is not an impossible feat.

thanks for reading me!


2 Responses to “this is me.”

  1. Dokmateo Says:

    So glad to meet you! You are exactly who you are in person. You are a fun loving and a walking machine like the energizer bunny who keeps on going and going…. (that 5 hours walk is serious and you had a very past pacing….ugggghh). I enjoyed your company and I hope we could meet again somewhere else in the future…somewhere down the road ( and yes this song is by Barry Manillow hehe weird you do not know it). Anyway, you have a very beautiful blog and everything you have here are very interesting and it comes from your heart. I think I will be visiting you regularly =)

    Keep on posting and inspiring people. You are one of the coolest girl I met my Rose =)

    Yours truly,

  2. coffee Says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing.

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