and sometimes, i run for a good reason.

lucky me — i have two of those very good reasons coming up in the next two months!

after all the fun and the incredible self-discipline and personal lessons i experienced running my first half marathon, i decided that’s a nice race length for me to continue pushing myself to achieve. so i decided to continue focusing on training for some more halfs (halves?), and i found two that totally tickle my fancy.

one suits the “fun” side:


and the other fits the “help people while doing something i love” bill:


does that look like a great lineup or what? yeah…i’m stoked.

so i’ve been dreaming of running the Disney Princess half since its inaugural race, and this year, that dream will finalllly materialize in all its girly, princessy frivolity. yes, i will dress like a Disney princess, and yes, you’ll have to wait until post-race to see the pictures and discover which one i’m choosing. a princess never reveals her secrets…


and who doesn’t want a medal shaped like a tiara to hang on her wall?

this girl certainly does.

so, that’s my fun, girly race, and i’ll be weaving through the Magic Kingdom and other such parks on Feb. 26 with a whole mess of other women who all harbor not-so-secret dreams of being Disney-rific as well. and you know what? i don’t remember the last time i’ve been this excited about being a girl.

the other half i’m running is for a much more serious reason than tiaras and tulle. i’m running the 13.1 Queens half marathon in Flushing Meadows Park on March 24 in support of World Vision,  “a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.” this is the first race i’ve ever run for a charity, and i’m so honored and blessed to be able to participate on such a great team of people and run for a reason other than personal satisfaction and finish-line fever.

if you want to support me, either monetarily (all donations go to World Vision 100%) or through prayer and encouragement, i’d be absolutely thrilled.

please visit My Personal Fundraising Page to donate or find out more.

and if you happen to be in NYC on March 24 (or Orlando on Feb. 26!), i’d love the in-person support! signs and t-shirts are always a nice little touch as well….

just sayin’.

Shawna Marie