December in New York swings you helplessly into a frenzy of activity: gallavanting all over the city to holiday parties, more holiday parties, crowd-crazy shopping, dressing like Santa, and enough sweets and champagne to keep you on a sugar high til Valentine’s Day. i’ve been somewhat of an Energizer Bunny this unseasonably warm December, and i think i’ve exhausted everything red and/or sparkly in my wardrobe. i’m not trying to fast forward through the holidays, but let’s just say, i’m hoping for a little more sleepy time in January. this city just keeps going, so they say…

and last night, i finalllly partook in the magical, quintessential (albeit-somewhat-touristy) Christmas activities that make New York the most wonderful city in the world at Christmas time. i might have been more excited about my NYC Winter Wonderland Christmas night than any of those champagne parties i attended in the past few weeks…and i wasn’t let down.

i saw the famous Rockefeller Center tree (which is traditionally a Norway Spruce), which came this year from Mifflinville, PA and stands 74 feet high. and of course i took the obligatory camera phone pic to dazzle you all:

so beautiful. even more so when viewed live, above the ice skating rink, with hundreds of Christmas-happy people smiling and enjoying being alive in this city at this time of year. my lil camera hardly does it justice.

then we ate at the Rock Center Cafe which sits right along the rink, waving to the skaters (and slip-and-sliders) just outside the glass. it was lovely to nestle right into the heart of a NYC Christmas experience, and i love how everyone around us was infused with the glow of the season and the giddiness of how Christmas makes us all feel young again, and content to simply be.

after dinner, we strolled up 5th Ave to take in the fabulous store window displays. although i’m a fan of Fendi’s sparkly belt buckles and dripping lights,

and love to see the variety in all the stores, none even come close to rivaling the amazing artistry of Bergdorf Goodman and their “Carnival of the Animals” theme for 2011.

OH.MY.GOODNESS. these windows were unreal. it’s possible that my jaw actually dropped. i haven’t seen a display this amazing since the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met this summer. i mean, these visual artists are ridiculously talented.

each of the five windows feature a dazzling, glamorous bella…

floating in the center of a glitzy aquarium,

or crooning in the middle of a brass menagerie of birds,

or popping champagne with animals at a chandelier-dripping North Pole cocktail party in luxurious Winter White.


i won’t ruin the other two for you, because really, you need to go see them if you live close enough.

perfect ending to a truly memorable Christmasy evening in NYC.

Merry (almost) Christmas, loves!