an entire weekend spent laughing with your best friend in the entire world (not exaggerating when i say there are no two friends who have a friendship that even begins to rival ours)…

going for a looooong walk around the city with your roommate on an unseasonably warm Sunday morning in November, and stumbling upon this little treasure in the Harlem sidewalk:

discovering the sweetest little coffee shop tucked right down the street from your apartment, with dozens of homemade delicious biscotti flavors (including pumpkin!).

Bis.Co.Latte may be tiny, but that only adds to its quaint charm — and what it lacks in shoulder room, it makes up for in quality. both the biscotti (my faves are the Oatmeal Craisin Raisin & the Pumpkin, of course) and the coffee are delicious, and it has an artsy, cozy atmosphere. no computers or electronic devices allowed — this is a quiet little tuck-away from technology where you can enjoy unique biscotti flavors (including sugar-free and wheat-free options) and home-made soups. we fell in love.

an absolute must-go, if you’re jaunting around Hell’s Kitchen (10th Ave at 47th st). Jess and i went twice in the two days she was here and sampled a variety of the flavors…and you can bet we’ll go back next time she’s in town.

hot coffee and a crunchy little not-too-sweet-treat on an Autumn day?