(Please. Don’t. Tell.)

oh geeze. i almost feel like i’m doing something naughty by even writing about this place…but some secrets things are just too good to keep to yourself.

love the ceiling

right, so it’s technically not a secret, considering how many people know about it. but still, it’s secretive enough. there’s a delicious air of the mysterious (errr…and hot dogs?) that totally tickles my girlish desire for the kind of romantic idealism people write great novels about — the uncertainty of underground dim-lit rooms where people nestle in with their furtive glances and side-swept murmurs; conversations that may-or-may-not deal with scandalous goings-on and under-the-rug affairs. there’s something dangerously exciting about a small gathering of strangers sharing one private room, knowing nothing about each other’s lives and pretending not to listen to the whispers around them.

and there i go again, pulling fiction out of thin air just by walking across a room and dreaming of eras past. propensity for the ridiculous, anyone? anyone?

but really — this place is pretty sweet. when else will you get the opportunity to walk into a nondescript hot dog joint (i’m pretty sure this is the only time you’ll ever catch me anywhere near a hot dog stand),

disappear into an unmarked phone booth, and find yourself transported back to Prohibition times? (and if this sounds like your normal weekend events, please — i’m free on Friday.)

sure, i’ll welcome a little bit of Narnia-esque fantasy into my life whenever i can. through the wooden doors, please…

i’ll admit i felt somewhat silly walking into the phone booth, as i had no idea what to do next, but it all added to the charm of this speakeasy tuck-away. a hostess opened up a panel in the wall and voila! we were wisked into a secret little bar hiding behind a hot dog facade.

minus the creepy taxidermy, the place is pretty darn cool.

adhering to the speakeasy vibe, the drink menu boasts a wide assortment of Prohibition-style cocktails. i can’t say i’m tempted by bourbon, whiskey, gin, or any of the old-fashioned pairings that evidently attract those with a more adventurous taste in libations, but if that’s your sort of thing, you’d love it here. just reading through the menu was entertainment enough for me, and the bartenders are the best part about PDT. they’re mixologists who make assembling concoctions look like a magician’s show, and i tried to devise a game out of guessing the contents of the wide array of bottles dotting the bar in front of me as i sipped my glass of wine.

i’m so predictable, i know. toss me into a cozy speakeasy, arm me with a mind-boggling menu of intricate drinks and offer me some of the best bartenders in NYC, and i’ll order white wine. every. single. time.

i happened to go on a Tuesday, when the bar wasn’t crowded and there was no line at the telephone booth, so we were lucky enough to be whisked in immediately and score seats at the bar (definitely the best seats in this cozy joint). i’ve heard, however, that weekend reservations can be a true hassle to obtain, and you can expect long lines and an hour or two wait times. i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t wait that long to go anywhere, but PDT is definitely worth checking out…even if just for the phone booth secrecy and the sake of a story.