appealing, no?  i mean, who doesn’t want to make sure they’re in bed by 11pm to wake up bright-eyed and jumpy-toed to start off their Saturday mornings in a boot camp class?

i’m growing quite accustomed to staying in on Friday nights, and truth be told, i’m lovin’ it.

i was excited to score a sweet online coupon deal for 10 hour-long group bootcamp sessions with the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, where “butt kicking now has a view” (hey, not my words, just the messenger). i was even more stoked when i found out that i didn’t actually have to go to the Brooklyn Bridge at 6:30am (phew) in order to take advantage of these hardcore workouts: they offer Saturday morning (9am) and Tuesday evening classes (6:30pm, now an “after-dark” class…spoookyyyy) in Central Park, which is my favorite place to work out.

i don’t think i’ve ever regreted a moment spent in Central Park, not even when i found myself inadvertently misplaced and running in the dark one night when i first moved here last Autumn. i love this Park in all its seasons, in the heat and the rain, in the pre-dawn stillness and in the purplish glow of dusk. no, i don’t want to lose myself here at midnight, rambling aimlessly for the sheer sake of a fantastical romantic notion that may or may not end up badly, but you get the idea. i’d say about a quarter of the reasons i (heart) NY revolve around this iconic park.

so if you have to take a boot camp class, where better place to venture? it’s definitely worth checking out, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your workouts with some variety, and it offers a challenging, fun course. i love how the exercises are structured around the park elements: we run and weave through the heart of the park, using benches for step-ups and push-ups and dips; running the stairs and then doing wall-sits by the central fountain; doing lunges along the Bridle Path and burpees in a little grove of trees; sprinting down the main walkway that leads to the fountain — you hardly mind being put through a grueling workout, the environment is so beautiful.

if you’re gonna sweat somewhere, you might as well sweat here.

Brooklyn Boot Camp in CP = definitely a great workout, in a hard-to-beat location.

*note: i’m sure their sessions that actually occur on the Brooklyn Bridge are fab, too, but i can’t speak to that firsthand. maybe one day!