i ran my first half marathon this morning!! eeeeeeeeee!!

probably couldn’t possibly be any happier at this moment. this truly was one of the greatest accomplishments of my adult life (and definitely my biggest accomplishment physically), and i was feeling pretttty good right here.

from start to finish, i couldn’t have hand-picked a more perfect day. everything just went so right. don’t you love when that happens? it was the most beautiful Indian Summer Day with an entirely cloudless sky and no humidity, and i woke up feeling great.

the best part was that i ran it with my friend Krystle, and i’m absolutely positive that having a great friend to run this whole race with (yes, we stayed together almost the entire time, until about mile 12!) made it a bajillion times more fabulous. i wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way.

we talked, laughed, sang a little bit, and encouraged each other to keep up a strong, steady pace, and it seriously felt like i was just going out for a great morning run on an absolutely gorgeous day with a friend. i was honestly shocked by how strong and healthy i felt the whole way through. at one point, we passed two girls who were running together, and one of them commented, “you two just look like you’re out for a leisurely jog together!”

well, to be honest, it kinda felt that way, too. and i was lovin’ it.

the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon & Half-Marathon truly was an ideal race, especially for my first half. the course is entirely flat and downhill, which is a runner’s dream, and the last four miles drop you onto a bike path right beside the Hudson River. it’s an easy, lovely run, with plenty of water and Gu stations, and enough sporadic spectators to make you feel loved & encouraged but not so many that it’s overwhelming. i thought it was a very well-organized, awesome race.

oh, and the foliage wasn’t so bad, either.

talk about a fantastic time of the year to run a race in upstate NY! seriously, God. thanks sooooo much for this golden day!

i didn’t have one single moment where i thought i was going to die, and my knee didn’t start acting up until about mile 11, so i really felt so great throughout the entire race. i made sure to conserve enough energy throughout the first 12 miles to build up to a strong finish, and my adrenalin kicked in for sure when i saw that finish line up ahead.

so thankful for friends who came to cheer us on and take action shots! πŸ™‚

oh, and my time: 1:57:59! absolutely thrilled. i was hoping to beat 2 hours, so i couldn’t be happier.

and a big “THANK YOU” to these amazingly special people who made this day sooooo incredible with their encouragement, support, chauffeuring, and multiple water-stop & finish line cheering:

have i mentioned before that i have the world’s best parents? because i sooooo do. for about 4839 different reasons…and today is just a really big one. πŸ™‚

so my first half was an absolute smashing success in every way imaginable. THANK YOU so much to everyone who supported me, prayed for me, and encouraged me throughout this entire process — you mean more than you can imagine and i love every last one of you!

and of course, we had to end it on a silly note.

because running for nearly 2 hours straight is enough to make the most serious person just a little giddy…

and you could say i’m pretttty far from serious.