i heard about Hillsong NYC when i first moved to the city last October, and i was really excited about the prospect of visiting it and potentially making it my home church. if it was even half as fabulous as i’ve heard the main campus in Australia is, i figured i’d love it and probably try to move in.

when i like something, i really go to extremes. i mean, take my bedroom decor for example:

i’m considering an upgrade, though, when i get a raise. something a little more modern and girlie:

i know, i know. talk about trying to bring back the whole “hang out at your friend’s apartments in NYC” thing, right?

but there are actually more important things in my life than froyo, and church is definitely one of them. while i’m not married to one specific froyo shop (i cheat on Pinkberry all the time), i would like to find a church in the city that i can really feel at home in and establish myself there.

and on Sunday, i think i may have found just that.for those of you unfamiliar with Hillsong, it’s literally a global phenomenon in the Christian world. the first church began in Australia, and they now have multiple campuses across the various continents. i’d actually toyed with the idea of going to their ministry school to study worship or counseling back in 2005, when i was tiring of my snowboard bum existence. i opted to return to NY and pursue grad school instead, but sometimes i wonder what my life would have looked like if i’d gone to Australia.

anyone tried that stuff? i hear it’s pure nastiness.

but seriously…Hillsong NYC was phenomenal. it’s exactly the type of church i’ve been looking for here in NYC. while i’ve visited some other great churches that i really enjoyed and met some wonderful people, i definitely think i can see myself at Hillsong. the worship, Pastor Carl’s preaching, the overall prevailing atmosphere and joyful optimism that overtake the place — it was just really amazing and inspiring, and i’m excited to see how i can fit into that community.

so if you’re looking for a church in NYC — or even if you’re not, but you’re down for new experiences and want to visit — i’d absolutely recommend Hillsong. they even give out little cereal bites during the service. i mean, if you want to get technical about improvements, they cooouuuuld have handed out lil dishes of froyo.

but then again, they say there’s no such thing as a perfect church, right? right.