as if i couldn’t achieve any more of a high after my amazecraze run on Saturday morning (who runs for time, anyway? the only PR i’m currently concerned with is one for how many miles these little legs can go without collapsing), the rest of my weekend was pretty outstanding. love that the 70% chance of rain on Saturday turned into blue skies + 99.9% humidity instead, so even tho i was a (semi) hot mess, i didn’t have to worry about this being ruined:

major perk of my job: a fabulous boss who likes to give me the ridiiiiculous company seats (right behind 3rd base dugout!) to fabulous games. seriously, have i mentioned that i love my job and the people i work for/with? i really do.

although i grew up in a San Francisco Giants obsessed home, i never pass up the chance to hit any major league baseball game — my dad instilled a love for America’s pastime in my brother and i before we were old enough to say “i hate the Yankees.” yes, that’s his motto, but not mine. living here has turned me into a (fast) fan, and not just because the last name “Swisher” would sound phenomenal after “Shawna.” (wouldn’t it tho? no really, i just want the name, not the boy.) i think it’s the pinstripes that roped me in, truth be told.

crazy good seats + good friends + no rain + packed stadium = one exciting, dynamic way to spend a Saturday afternoon. the Yanks won 9-1 and there was a ton of energy in the stadium, and i was still high off the endorphins of my morning run, so it was an absolute blast. i love me some baseball, and these thisclosetothefield seats are one of the best parts of my job.

cheers to working for great people.

i managed to stay away from any and all snacks at the stadium (not that many really entice me anyway), which ended up being a great choice, because afterwards we went to The Ainsworth so my friends could watch the LSU football game (now that’s a sport i know nooooothing about), and i had some of the best hummus i’ve had in NYC. at a glorified sports bar with fun chandeliers, nonetheless. who’d have ever thought?

great Saturday, all around, even if i didn’t leave Yankee Stadium with a pinstriped boyfriend. still a win.