it’s no secret that my blog is kind of all over the place.

i started it a few years ago just to sort of keep myself accountable in my writing (mainly creative), since i didn’t have a set focus or any deadlines propelling me forward. i work well under pressure and to be honest, i wouldn’t mind someone breathing down my neck to get me to eek out some poetry on a weekly basis.

but it quickly evolved into just a mishmosh of ramblings about my life, mostly in relation to my travel and now my adventures in NYC — with dashes of poetry thrown in, of course. i can’t forget my first love.

so lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about my blog, trying to discover what my “niche” is and what i should and shouldn’t write about…and i came to the conclusion that it’s okay if it’s not exclusive to one topic. i feel like there are areas of my life that are soooo integral to my identity, namely running and fitness and my obsession with leading a balanced, healthy life, that i don’t really talk about that regularly. i think i shied away from writing about them consistently, because i didn’t originate this blog with those areas in mind. and honestly, i guess i was a little afraid of my blog losing its “artsy” feel.

so you're saying i don't look like a starving artist...

now, i’m not planning to start posting pictures of each non-restaurant meal i eat (hello, i’m sure most of you aren’t super interested in my bananas, salad and froyo staples), but i definitely am planning to include more of my fitness & eating habits into my posts. health, fitness & clean eating are true passions of mine, and i think incorporating them into my blog regularly will help me keep myself accountable in this area as well.

no, this was not my breakfast…but i kinda wish.

so, what prompted this “announcement” of a new blog shift (or semi-shift, at least)?

i’m currently training for my first half marathon, which i’ll get into more later, and i was talking with one of my other runner girlfriends down here in the city, who encouraged me to join New York Road Runner’s. of course i’d heard of it, as it’s the premier running club here, and i’d visited their site 4356 times in the past year (i can’t believe i’ve almost been here for a full year already! eee!!!), but i just hadn’t gotten involved.

honestly, i think i was too nervous of being a “not good enough” runner. what does that even mean, really? my friend helped me talk through these worries last night, reminding me that that’s the great thing about running: it’s such an individualized activity. runners come in all shapes and sizes, at all fitness and ability levels, and there’s no such thing as “not good enough.” if you run, and you like running, and you’re devoted to running, you’re a runner. you start from there and move forward.

i tend to get extremely hard on myself, especially in areas where i want to excel, and at times like last night, i was super grateful for such an encouraging friend.

and this morning, i signed up for NYRR, and for my first race with them: the Poland Spring 5-Miler Marathon Kick-Off. after running a half marathon on Oct. 9, hopefully this 5-miler will feel like a piece of cake…or at least like a big bowl of froyo, which i plan to devour immediately after all my long runs.

priorities, people. will run for Pinkberry.