before arriving in San Fran, Jess & i had identified some “must-see” sites that we would be dragging the other one to, like-it-or-not. between her foodie obsession and my hippie fascination, we figured this city had a lot to offer us.
of course, there were a bunch of spots that we both wanted to hit, like these pretty little Painted Ladies:

"Um, excuse me, which one is the Tanners'?"

we both grew up diehard Full House fans (ummm who didn’t?), and we were singing the theme song since we got to the airport. and by the airport, i mean JFK, before even leaving NY. we wanted to visit the park across the street to confirm the rumors that it is not, in fact, the same park that they feature during the theme song each episode. (we agreed it looked like a different park.)

i feel like my whole childhood just came full circle in that magical moment of seeing the house where Uncle Jesse and his coveted hair slept.

Have mercy!

so, on a little less wholesome note…

one of the places i insisted upon seeing was the Haight & Ashbury corner, because my hippie-loving self couldn’t leave San Fran without scoping out the spot where all the crazies nestled. i mean, this was the iconic center of the hippie movement in the 1960s! if i was ever going to catch myself a smelly dreaded boyfriend with no ambition but a fervent appreciation for poetry and traveling, this would surely be the spot.

do i look like a hippie? no? i didn't wash my hair, i swear.

of course there’s an ice cream shop there now. there would be.

we didn’t see anything too out-of-the-ordinary on Haight St. (nothing like the 3 dead people, the contact high we got walking across the lawn, or the request for acid that we encountered all within 5 minutes of being in Dolores Park in the Mission District the previous day), so i was a little disappointed, but it was a cool neighborhood all the same — even if we were afraid to touch anything until we got to the Whole Foods at the end of the street.

we then traipsed through the Golden Gate Park and relaxed on a sunny bench to have lunch. the park is right at the end of Haight St., and was absolutely beautiful.

we saw some choreographed roller skaters and watched an impromptu band of filthy human beings playing terrible music while engaging in some sort of spasmodic dancing, which sadly made us feel much better about ourselves, and then we went back to Whole Foods to check out the boys in the fish department because Jess swore she saw a cute one in there somewhere.

just another lovely day in hippie-ville.