don’t you just love it when a band gets it absolutely, positively, 100% right? like, with every single song they sing, you just want to jump around and forget that there was ever anything in the world that wasn’t wonderful?

it makes me super excited. i mean, stumbling upon a band with that little extra pizazz, that indelible spark of magic that’s so utterly contagious that you couldn’t will your feet to stop moving if you stepped into wet cement…that’s, like, as exciting as calorie-free mint chocolate chip soft-serve  ice cream stands on every corner. (someone invent that, please? i’ll give you a shout-out on my blog! i know that’s big incentive right there.)

Two Door Cinema Club from Ireland is definitely one of those bands who have perfected the arts of engaging a crowd; writing ridiculously catchy, dancey tunes; and reminding you why music is so worth falling in love with in the first place.  i don’t think my feet, shoulders or head stopped bopping and swaying the entire time. seriously — every single song was amazing, and they had the crowd sooooo energized and pumped up, it was just phenomenal.

deep in consideration over whether or not it'd be a good idea to jump the balcony and rush the stage...

they packed Terminal 5 with a sold-out show, and made sure to let us know that their New York shows are always the highlights of their tour for them (umm hello, ooobvi). i can’t imagine a more enthusiastic, upbeat crowd, so i can see why they love us. bring us a good dance party, and we’ll love you forever, Two Door. simple as that.

they were peppy. they were totally on. they spoke with Irish accents and the lead singer flipped his hair while delivering a ridiculously solid vocal performance on each and every song. they were the very essence of fun, and nobody wanted the show to end. i haven’t had that much fun dancing since the first time i threw an elbow in someone’s face trying to learn to salsa. ooooh yeah, rock n’ roll baby, rock n’ roll.
you have to check them out. if you’re not hooked after the first listen, there might be something wrong with you. like, your fun gene might be down for the count or your taste in music might need a serious tweakage. (please note: if you like Nickelback and other such bands whose lead singers need a new voice, a new lyricist and a push off a ledge, i’m talking to you.) everyone else, you have no excuse. you need to listen & like, stat. you’re welcome.
and just in case their stellar show wasn’t enough in and of itself, one of the best songs ever came on over the speakers right when the band finished, and the dance party just exploded. it was pure genius perfection to end with that song and turn all of us (who were already on a high from the show) into giddy freelance swing dancers (oh you know i was one of them!):
my friend (who was actually a great dance partner!) and i watched the enthused scene below us for a second before we started dancing, and he goes, “everyone has seen this movie! this is awesome!”
and it was. it was just a ridiculously amazing concert all around.
and when a night concludes with such shenanigans as me posing with a plastic saber tooth necklace, you knowwww it was a crazy success.