if i dig back through my childhood photographs, i’ll bet you anything i’d find some of me in San Francisco Giants gear…and probably toting a neon pink binder, which was full of Giants’ players’ baseball cards.

that’s because my father is the biggest die-hard San Fran fan i’ve ever known, and, well…when i was little, i was certainly daddy’s biggest fan, so the Giants were my team since i could learn to pair black and orange.

like father, like daughter

my dad follows the Giants the way i follow new frozen yogurt franchises: devotedly, unceasingly, hungrily. one could use the word “obsessed” and not be at all exaggerating. and he knows his baseball.

i’m not sure who was more excited for me to visit the Giants’ stadium, AT&T Park: me or my father. he generously bought Jess and i tickets to the game, offered us any and all information we could ever want about the park (without having actually been there himself), and called twice before we got to the stadium to make sure i knew i was going to be late if i didn’t hurry.

he’s always looking out for me.

AT&T Park truly was spectacular. i’d say it was definitely the nicest baseball park i’ve ever seen.

and the very best part, by far, was the view over right field (where we happened to be sitting, since the games almost always sell out this year. it’s a small stadium, and after all, the Giants are defending World Series Champs!):

right field view, aka McCovey Cove

home runs hit over the right field wall are called “splash hits,” and my dad says those kayakers out there are hoping to see some home run action. it was a breath-taking view, especially as the sun began to set over the water and we watched the Bay Bridge appear through the fog.

there's a bridge back there somewhere...

my dad called to say, “how’s that Coca Cola bottle out in left field?” umm, yeah, it’s there alright. sponsers make the world go ’round.

of course, what would a ball game be without some cheesy self-portraits?

please, don’t feed the models…or on second thought, please do.

are those little white specs the players? at least we can see the kayakers...

and of course, we wore our matching TOMS:

could we be any cuter? prob not, no. unless we were wearing Giants' colors!

so the Giants lost to the Houston Astros, but we had a fabulous time pretending to be home-town fans and ranking the players’ attractiveness levels and talking to the people around us. oh, and making cartoon friends, of course.

which one of these is not like the other ones?

one of my favorite parts about the stadium was the incredible lighted palm tree display that greeted us as we thronged back out. whoever came up with the idea of stringing orange lights around the palm trees definitely created a lovely ambiance for the game-goers to experience upon departure.

i’m a firm believer that palm trees make everything better. i swear, if i could walk out of my apartment to a row of palm trees every morning, i wouldn’t even complain about the obscene amount i pay for rent.

yeah…i probably would. but at least i’d have a nice backdrop for my whining.

so please, take me out to the ball game anytime!
and if it’s in California, i really don’t care if i never get back.