i’ve wanted to go to San Fran for the past year or so in a baaad way. after seeing LA, Orange County, & San Diego, i’ve full confirmed my assumptions that i was, indeed, born on the wrong coast. sure, i love NY and am more than content as a NYC girl…but my heart beats differently in California. i just know it does.

who’s with me? any takers?

i happen to be the proud possessor of the world’s very best friend (and most amazing pastry chef) whom, for my 30th birthday, surprised me with a ticket to San Fran.

does life really get any better than a trip to California (including wine country) with your best friend? i’m not really sure it does.

Cali bound

*side note: my brother just saw me post this pic and goes, “you look like an Afghani woman or a Persian princess or something in this picture. definitely not a white girl.”

umm okay so, moving on…

we did soooo much that i’ll probably have about 5 more San Francisco posts, so you’ve been warned — Cali will be consuming this blog for a bit.

the first day there, we walked from our apartment in the Marina District (we lucked into snagging the most adorable lil place ever — if you haven’t used airbnb.com, definitely check it out for your next trip!) to Ghiradelli Square, which was so quaint and picturesque.

we took a little tour of the chocolate making extravagance:

see that glass? that's so we don't find a long straw and take liberties...

i've heard of a post-run ice bath, but this takes relief to a whole new level

do i look like a chocolatier?

do i look like i just tried to jump the glass?

the best thing about Ghiradelli Square wasn’t the chocolate making, though…it was the tea salon, Crown & Crumpet. we stumbled upon the quaintest, girliest, most adorably-pink tea shop a girl can ever conceive of. i totally went Japanese tourist on them and tried to document as much as possible so i can re-create it on the East coast. like, say, for my bedroom.

how very classically English, no? Crown & Crumpet, so regal and classy. i know i’ve never had a crumpet but i just love the name of this place.

"shall we do tea, dahlings?"

the place was frilly and elaborate in the best way possible, with a thousand little charmingly superfluous details to “ooh” and “ahhh” over. we didn’t stay for tea, but i plan to make that a priority on my next trip back. (oh for sure there will be more trips to San Fran!)

sugar & spice and everything pink

i felt like i was in a fantasy, dollhouse dreamworld. i half expected to see Tinkerbell come glittering out to give us a tour, it was that sugary sweet. i’d never seen anything quite like this place, and i know that my little girl self would have just lost it here.

who am i kidding. i almost lost it at 30. i couldn’t stop exclaiming, “oh my gosh it’s SO CUTE! look at this!” over and over. i think the teenage girl behind the counter thought i was seriously crazy.

do you serve frozen yogurt, too? because if so, i think this must be Heaven.

they even had a champagne bottle with Hello Kitty on it. (see the bottles all the way on the left end of the counter? that little pink rosé champagne…yup, that’s it. i was thisclose to buying it. you know, to match my credit card and all.)

can i stay here? like, for the next four nights?

it was almost too cutesy and overwhelmingly cotton candy-esque to be true. we took the fact that we stumbled upon this charming spot on our very first morning in San Fran as an obvious God-given sign that we were going to love this city. so far, so fabulous.

more fun San Fran posts to come, i promise. later, loves!