and you’ll get nowhere…”

is that even true? i mean, if you compare where you currently are to where you’d like your life to be, shouldn’t it spur you into action and make you want to work harder to achieve those dreams? the last time i started comparing where i was (Albany) to where i wanted to be (NYC), i got serious enough about it to move.

hmm yeah, soooo i’m not sure i’ve entirely formed my own opinion on that lyric, but…
she sure put on an incredible show, Miss Sara Bareilles. i have to give it to her. prior to last night’s concert, i was wayyyy too enamored with Josh Radin to focus any excitment about seeing her live.

and then she came on stage, and the girl blew me away. that voice is just unreal. seriously — one of the best female vocalists i’ve ever heard live. she resounded across Central Park with her effortless, bluesy tone, and i think every single person there was surprised at how powerful her voice was. and the girl plays the piano beautifully. my friend Hanne & i could not stop commenting on how amazing her voice sounded…so much so that when we were walking out of the park, Hanne commented,

“it almost seems unfair that one person gets all that talent. i mean, that voice, that musicality, the song-writing ability…it’s like God just dumped it all on her and then said, ‘oh, and Hanne? na, she’ll be fine. she can figure it out on her own.”

we laughed, but seriously…the girl was thaaat good.

i only knew about 4 of her original songs, and she played my favorite, “Gravity,” a capalla — truly a magical moment, and the crowd was stilled by her voice. she also rocked two awesome covers: a tribute to Amy Winehouse with “Valerie,” which was done perfectly, and a blue-grassy rendition of Mumford & Son’s “Little Lion Man” (with spectacular harmonies performed by her band members) that was a fast crowd-pleaser. and she was funny! quirky, talkative, light-hearted, engaging…the girl definitely knew how to play up a crowd.

i was entirely pleasantly surprised…and completely entertained by the gay guys having a dance party near us. i mean, full-out spasmodic Broadway-esque performances, complete with wide gesturing arm motions and loud vocals. some people reallllly loved Sara. and i could see why! she made me believe in what she sang.

when she sang “Vegas,” i was ready to pack my bags and move to pursue a pipe dream. when she opened with “Uncharted,” i felt like i could take on the world with just my own little life, too. when she sang “Breathe Again,” i felt all the rush of a past heartache settle upon my shoulders again, reminding me why we fall in love with who we do and how it feels to have the sky fall down in pieces around you when he leaves.

this is what music should do. and this girl…she gets that.