in Latin, the word “creo” means “to create, make.”
in Spanish, it means something more along the lines of “i believe.”

well, Creo Restaurant in Albany, NY, certainly created an amazing dining experience from start to finish and definitely made me a firm believer in their status as one of the best restaurants in the Capital District on Friday…and i think i can speak for my parents & my friend Desi on that as well.

everything about Albany’s first sustainable restaurant is just right.

the decor and ambiance are absolutely charming.

i love the exposed hanging bulbs!

(photos borrowed from

adhering to the whole “gone green” restaurant niche, Creo’s decor revolves around natural, earthy tones (with some shiny copper & metallic accents to add a little pizazz — love the hammered copper table tops!), with a taste of the outdoors gracing the dining room in the form of greenery accents. i personally love the bamboo lining the inner square of the dining room and creating a wall of semi-seclusion. coupled with the floating lights, this section nestled in the center is definitely my favorite part of the restaurant (and they honored my request for a table in the far corner of this area — such great service!). 

i was immensely impressed with the staff as well. the maitre d’ /front house manager, the hostess, the servers — they were all extremely hospitable, warm, attentive and knowledgeable, making sure we were happy with our table location and being more than willing to accommodate any special request. we really could not have been happier with the atmosphere or service.

and the food. oh my goodness. i unfortunately forgot to take pictures of our appetizers (an eggplant stack that was big enough for a full meal on its own, and a plate of tempura mushrooms that my dad housed), but the Coriander Wasabi Ahi Tuna entree that Des and i both ordered was simply delicious (please excuse the overexposed camera phone pic):

they let us pick our sides, so i had steamed bok choy and grilled asparagus. and the best thing about this meal was that it lasted me three whole meals: dinner the next night and lunch on Sunday as well. booyah.

and my mom’s Herb Crusted Wild Salmon with garden succotash & black eyed peas (just can’t get enough… yes i’m a cornball) was soooo good as well. i won’t lie — most of that garden succotash (any other Sylvester fans here?) ended up in my belly. mmmmhmmm.

clearly i should brush up on my photography skills and invest in a real camera…

sadly, pictures of my dad’s meal fell by the wayside (along with the appetizers). the missed photo-opp was half intentional, half “he couldn’t wait for a picture before attacking his plate.” the intentional aspect was due to the fact that he ordered pork, and although he loved it, my blog doesn’t support pork photos, unless they’re along this vein:

lil oinkers who indulge in artistic talents? yes please.
slabs of meat? no thanks.

i’m a biased blogger.

(however, in pork’s defense, he absolutely loved the Pork Porterhouse and said it was prepared perfectly.)

so thank you, Creo staff, for creating such a sensational, unique dining experience in Albany (that honestly rivals any restaurant i’ve been to in Manhattan). i honestly can’t wait to return.

and happy birthday, Mom! you don’t look a day over 39. and ps — please keep yourself in good shape, b/c you need to live forever. or at least as long as i’m still living.