in a world where so many of us struggle with commitment issues (um hello, if i can’t decide on a shirt/dress/pair of jeans, i buy it in both colors, and i’m still trying to pinpoint what i’d like to be when i “grow up”), celebrating an anniversary of a beautiful couple who have been married for 33 years (!!!) offers a refreshing reminder of the power of love, loyalty & commitment.

my parents celebrated 33 years of marriage on August 5. that’s 33 years of living with, laughing with, crying with, traveling with, putting up with, wanting to strangle, loving, and doing life with, one significant other/best friend.

that’s 3 years more than my entire lifespan so far. (or, like, 10 years more than my adjusted age, when you factor in maturity level.) that’s, like, forever, in my eyes.

and that’s pretty darn remarkable.

happy anniversary, Mom & Dad! thanks for being God’s greatest blessing in my life.

i remember the first time i made it a whole year with a boyfriend back in college. i was so excited about the idea of a “one year annivesary” and the huge commitment it represented in my life (that, and the prospect of some nice jewelry and a fancy dinner out…but we won’t get into my personal commitment issues here. i’m trying to keep this blog to a readable length). back when you’re 21, that’s a huge accomplishment. one whole year with one person.

times that by 33, throw in a couple of kids, a lot of traveling, a few big moves, some wonderful rejoicing and some terribly hard times that come with the balance of everyday life…and then imagine it working out better than anyone could have anticipated, still holding hands while walking down the street or sitting beside each other in the car.

i can honestly say that my parents seem happier to me today than they ever have before, and i know that’s a product of years and years of hard work, loyalty, compromise, and a commitment grounded on faith, hope & love.

how blessed am i to have such an outstanding example.

❤ you both!