i’ve never been much of a beer girl. i choked it down occassionally in college because i had a pretty decent beer pong arm, but i put it on about the same level as bruised bananas. every now and then a good craft beer, or something fruity (blueberry/blackberry/raspberry wheats) entices me, and there are always a few Corona Lights making appearances in the summer months…but let’s be honest: i mainly like the lime garnish, and the idea that i should be drinking it on a beach.

however, when Hudson Terrace advertised discount tickets to their summer beer tasting happy hour events, some friends and i figured it would be a good excuse to do something summery on a rooftop bar in the sweltering nyc heat.

i have to say that Hudson Terrace really is a great space. it’s big, it has a retractable roof and a nice environment/set-up, and the music is seriously awesome (think current pop hits mixed with old-school hip-hop and a lot of Prince & MJ thrown in). the first time i went, i think the DJ played every song i ever liked in the ’90s.

but the first time i went, the place also seemed to be hosting every birthday/bachelorette/ frat boy night out party in Manhattan. and did i mention it was a Thursday?

we went out in hopes of simply enjoying a quiet drink or two on a nice rooftop, since it was newly-Spring and just getting to be nice out. we walked into a crazy, dance-party-USA scene and settled into a corner to do some serious people-watching/laughing, and turning down all attempts at dancing/shot-taking/group-joining that came our way.

no thanks. we don’t need more friends.

but it was definitely entertaining.

so i wasn’t totally surprised when i walked into this scene last night:

it was packed…and this is 7:30pm on a (hot) Tuesday. apparently the Goose Island and Blue Moon tastings draw quite the rooftop-seeking crowds.

aside from the heat and the people-bumping, it was a really fun event, and we had a great group (please don’t mind my camera-phone pictures…you should be used to them by now).

Hanne & me

Chelsea & Hanne (little lovelies!)

fun group

Des came to visit! (and sweat alongside me)

such a fun group to do a beer tasting with. we sampled 5 different beers each. i really liked Goose Island’s Pepe Nero and Shock Top’s Raspberry Wheat, but i think my fave was the Wild Blue Lager. it tasted more like a blueberry wine than anything beer-ish, and it was delicious. that one little tasting glass definitely succeeded in turning me into a beer fan.

(of course, since i’m neurotic and count all calories, i’ll probably never have it again. but if you like beer and blueberries…this is for you!)

good tastings with great friends and faaaabulous music (Prince? check. MJ? check. people dancing where there was no dance floor? of couuuurse)…really, the night was a huge success, albeit a little warm. and i think i have to admit that i’d go back to Hudson Terrace again…

but maybe this time on a Saturday, when i’m actually prepared for a full-out session of Dance Dance Revolution.