if i hadn’t spent this past 4th of July weekend the way i did, i’d have been jealous of me, too.
(it makes sense, if you don’t think about it too hard…)

seeeeriously. i don’t think i left the boat/lake except to run (and run and run and run), sleep, and eat. oh, and to totally dominate my brother and his friend with Jess play a little Pictionary. (really, that game is sooooo underrated. who doesn’t want to sweat over how to draw “Talk Radio” with your eyes closed?)

this was the best part of my weekend: i mean, we WERE in a semi-famous indie rock band, so we kinda have this photo shoot thing down…no big deal.

my lil bro flying home from Denver to surprise my parents. and yes, there were yelps (my mom thought i ran over one of the dogs when she heard my dad yell from the driveway) and tears of joy.

and what would a perfect lake weekend be without your best friends in the world there to keep you entertained & laughing?

                             sorry, she’s mine. you can’t have her.

especially when they are amazing food artists and bring such goodies as this:

“oh, just had a little time on my hands, so i thought i’d carve you a masterpiece out of a watermelon…”

yes, i know my best friend is amazing. she’s for hire, too, if you’re interested. to cater. i mean, to cater parties, of course, geesh. she’s a baker, and obviously an expert watermelon carver. this girl is gold.

and when i told Ry i think i had a mini Tom (his best friend) crush, he replied, “dude, i think i have a Tom crush.” to which Tom added, “i know i have a Tom crush.” we really take ourselves seriously.

           something about the lake that just brings out the best sides of everyone…oooobvi.

   much better. and he even let me hug him when i was a sweaty post-run mess. whatta guy.

speaking of running…i’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a half marathon this coming October, so i’m trying to get serious about upping my mileage and training. i felt really good about my runs this weekend, especially the 7-mile, 10-hilled run around the lakes that directly preceeded the photo above. i made myself stop after 7, but honestly felt like i could have kept going, and couldn’t contain my post-run excitment. there’s something about a long, hot, messy run that gives you such an ecstatic feeling of accomplishment…

                            hurry up and take this picture before i go throw myself into the lake…

                             but not before shoving my face full of fruit, of course. first thing’s first.

i don’t write a whole lot about my running on here, but it’s a big part of my life, and something i’m seeing in a whole new way now that i’m committed to training for this race. i’ve been running since i was 18 (following in the footsteps of my father, who used to speed through races, and his father, who won a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics for track and field…pretty sweet, right?), but i’ve always done it just to stay in shape and because i enjoy it.

i have to say, training for a long run has definitely shifted my mentality and is teaching me a lot about perseverance. who likes sweating and struggling up a hill in 85 degrees? not me. but i managed to run those 7 hot, hilly miles without walking, crying or (thankfully) feeling any of the usual leg pains, so i was a happy girl that Monday morning.

and i rewarded myself by laying out on the boat for the rest of the day and working on a sunburn with great friends. really, i know i sound like a broken record, but…i freaking love my life. i don’t think i stopped smiling the whole weekend.

here’s to hoping the rest of the summer continues on just as fabulously.