i survived my 20s, against all bets to the contrary (mostly my own). i’m not sure how i possibly packed so much into one decade, to be honest: moves and trips and new friends, lost friends, re-found friends; loves and tears and disappointments; dreams and hopes and the highest of highs. i even drove a yellow car for a while (you’re welcome, Ryan). i mean, enough said.

some things remained constant:

  • my best friend, Jessica. we met at 18, and our friendship only grew stronger every year. i could not ask for a better friend in my life.

  • my family. how i got the world’s most incredible parents and brother, only God knows, but i’m so thankful i did.

  • my faith in Jesus Christ. without Him, i am nothing.
  • my passion for writing.
  • running. i started at 18 and never looked back, never took breaks, never wanted to quit.
  • my shoe obsession. hello, cute heels, you don’t stand a chance against me.

some things changed:

  • my location. from Albany to Colorado, back to Albany, now to NYC, i’ve mastered the art of packing (if not lightly, at least efficiently).
  • my relationship with Ryan. from siblings who hardly knew anything about each other’s personal live to life-long best friends, we have grown so much closer over the past 4-5 years. ❤ my brother.
  • my relationship with healthy frozen yogurt. THAT has spiralled to a full-out love affair.
  • my job. like, um 10 times. i now work in finance…neeeever saw that one coming! (hi daddy, did you??)
  • friends. i lost some old ones, gained a lot of new ones, and met some people this past decade who have changed my life forever. thank you to all my amazing friends — i love you so.

i checked off some things on my “have to do before i die” list:

  • go to Southern California and never want to leave.
  • go to Paris and fall in love with everything about it.
  • learn to salsa dance.
  • take surfing lessons.
  • move to Manhattan. (eeeeeeeee!)
  • date someone with an accent. (couldn’t resist…hehe)
  • live by myself and not die of fear/loneliness/boredom.
  • get a Master’s degree.
  • be a snowboard bum.

  • discover my alter-ego.
  • write song lyrics and have someone sing them.
  • have a poem published.
  • get over my fear of wearing yellow.

all in all, i feel pretty good about my 20s. sure, there are things i’d change, but there are so many amazing things i’m incredibly thankful i was able to experience. mostly, i realize looking back that i’ve been so, so blessed by the people i’ve met and the friendships i’ve built. you hear over and over that people are brought into your life for a “reason, a season, or a lifetime,” and my 20s brought me a gazillion people whose faces make up the collage serving as the background for those 10 whirlwind, chaotic, introspective, fabulous, tumultuous years of my life. it was a crazy ride, but i’ve taken away so much more positive than negative…and had a whole lot of fun and laughs.

here’s to starting 30 with hopes of accomplishing as much and loving as big as i did in my 20s.
and hey — to everyone who touched my life, in big and small ways, these past 10 years…thank you. more than you can know. ❤