before you start thinking i’m eating my way through NYC and you get worried for my waistline, let me offer a disclaimer:

i’m running like a maniac these days. Central Park is the new black in my life. i think i know the 6 mile loop better than i know how to find my way around the 4 blocks near my office.

okay, now i feel better and can share my latest little thing that makes me happy:

how is it that i haven’t had madeleines before?

i’m not quite sure, either.

i love little tiny tidbit sweets. i love things i can dunk in coffee. i love anything almond-flavored. i love anything related to Paris. and i love seashells.

and this is why these dunkable French baby almond seashell cakes make me happy.

there’s a charming little French bakery chain in NYC called Financier Patisserie that makes delicious everything. (i tried to duck out of a team celebration before the cake got passed around the other day, just to ensure i avoided the rich chocolatey sinful temptation…and then an hour later, someone came and stalked my life to bring me a piece…omg amazingggg.) it’s super cute and has a few locations near my office…and if you get a coffee, you get a lil individually-wrapped madeleine to make your day that much cuter.

and for those of us on a perpetual quest for cuteness in our everyday lives, well…

this just might take the cake.