weekends go wayyyy too quickly…and i feel the need to pack every single second full of funness. seriously, what else are they for? this one was pretty darn funtastic — even the relentless Saturday monsoon couldn’t ruin things (excluding our hair, of course).

Friday night found me trekking over to Brooklyn to check out the funky and fabulous Ryan Montbleau Band at Brooklyn Bowl (more about this crazy place in a moment). i’ve seen Ryan play a few times before, and he’s one of those laid-back hippie types whose upbeat music is so contagious, you really can’t help but bop and shoulder-shake. i dragged a friend who’d never been to any sort of hippie-ish concert before, and half the fun of the night was watching his bemusement at the crazies cutting loose all around us.

i think maybe i was a hippie in my last life, because i kinda love them.

i was thisclose to the stage, front and center.

hellloooo, RM.

i really need to invest in a good digital camera…but even from my Droid, he’s a cutes.

if you haven’t heard of him, and you dig some raw, honest, acoustic jammy tunes, you definitely need to check him out. he might not be so widely known, but he writes some great songs and engages a crowd with his unassuming sweetness. here’s a vide of his song “75 and Sunny,” one of my faves.

i think i’ve been to Brooklyn twice before: once to get my Target fix, and the other time because that’s where you end up when you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. so far, so good with this borough.

the Brooklyn Bowl was pretty sweet. it’s literally a huge bowling alley, restaurant, bar and music venue all rolled into one big barrell of craziness…and you’d be hard pressed to find someone there who wasn’t having a spaztastically rockin’ time. i was a fan. but then again, give me some good music, and i’d probably have the time of my life at a golf tournament.