i love me some good Mediterranean food. truth be told, it’s probably my favorite style of cuisine. i can eat hummus til i’m blue in the face…and then again the next day. i’ve even dug in with a spoon.

don’t judge.

must be my Greek heritage…
yeah i made that up. apparently God forgot to make me the daughter of a shipping heir.

but in all seriousness, most of my diet revolves around Mediterranean-style foods: fish, veggies, hummus, tzatziki, feta, Greek salads — these are my staples. the one thing i always hated hated hated was olives — as in, if they touched my food, i’d consider sending it back. however, over the last few months, i’ve choked down a plethora of kalamata olives in hopes of forcing myself to like them (they’re in practically everything i order, for goodness sakes)…and it actually worked. i am now a kalamata (but never black or green) olive lover.

this is big news. yes, my life is really this exciting.

so in celebration of my newfound love for k olives, i’ve had a hankering to check out the restaurant Fig & Olive for the past few months. i’d heard good things about it, and with 3 different locations in Manhattan, i figured it shouldn’t be long until i managed to meander my way into one…which i finally did on Saturday.

and i loved it. love love love.

i went to the Tasting Bar on 52nd St (btwn Madison & 5th Ave), and it was absolutely everything you’d want a Mediterranean restaurant to be. a little upscale, a little cozy-ish, a little minimalist, and extremely inviting. the colors & textures were very earthy: reddish & orangeish-browns, olive-greens, hardwood floors and lots of greenery, with glass bottles of olive oil interspersed around the restaurant as signature accoutrements. everything was simple, sophisticated, consistent, and quite lovely.

and then there was the food.

now, i’m annoying difficult on the picky side, so i’m usually lucky if there are 2-3 things on a menu that i’d order. at this restaurant, however, i had the opposite problem: i considered asking the waiter, “um, so if this is a tasting bar, does that mean i get to taste everything? cuz i’ll have that.”

i have a habit of indecisiveness, and this place definitely set that swinging in full effect.

about three hours later, after my friend tried every wine on the menu to alleviate his frustration over my inability to choose a meal (that might not have really happened), i finally decided on the Salade Nicoise (sans the potatoes and anchovies). of course, i was super classy and pointed to it on the menu rather than saying it,  just in case the table next to me heard my sad attempt at a French pronunciation. (no, i have no idea how i survived in Paris.)


i refrained from ordering wine — i figure i can save that for next time.

because there will absolutely, 100% be a next time at this restaurant. the sooner the better.