i love it when you unexpectedly stumble upon a gem of a surprise. this happened to me on Saturday night, when two girlfriends and i were trying to decide which doorway to duck into for a glass of wine and some girltalk. one of them had heard that the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle had a restaurant/lounge on the 9th floor. none of us had been, and we figured it might be a hip lil spot.

we tumble out of the elevator, and this welcomes us:

                                                                                            Photo by Robert Leslie

                                                                                      Photo by Emilie Baltz

ummm, hello, Robert. how did i not discover you before now? maybe it was a good thing it took me 5 months of living in NYC before finding this adorable place, because i might have just continued to go here everytime i wanted a night out.

i foresee myself returning about a bajillion times in the near future. yes, i said bajillion. i liked it that much…and not just because of all the pink (note: these photos make it look muuuuch rosier than it seemed in person. i swear, this isn’t a haven for Barbie or a fave hotspot of Jem’s). the place has an air of comfortable sophistication and a funky style, completely what you’d hope for from a lounge nestled in an arts museum. boasting floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, it offers a breathtaking view of the city from its high perch overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park. the wait staff humored us by letting us walk around the restaurant and check out all the views before determining where to sit. (we chose the sprawling benches and bucket chairs at the low tables in the center of the room, which served as the loungey area.)

it’s romantic yet contemprary; intimate yet dazzlingly panoramic; funky yet entirely classy. it felt perfect for a glass of wine with two girlfriends, yet would be an amazing setting for a date. the piano/ saxaphone duo served as the perfect touch for this unique jaunt, and the service was great.

i’m already planning my next night out, just so i can return…and hopefully try the food this time, too.
best part? on a warm night, it’s a lovely little walk from my apartment.

remember the time i said i wanted to live at Cask? i take that back. i’m a pro at moving by now.