apparently we have one…and it’s today! i’m not sure i ever knew this until this year. International Women’s Day was first observed in the early 1900s, when more radical ideologies began surfacing in regards to women’s rights, and women fought to have a voice in a male-dominated world. with all the opportunities we women are afforded today in this country, it’s crazy to think that only 100 years ago we didn’t even have the right to vote. 

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate and commemorize the struggles women have overcome and the amazing accomplishments we’ve made. we are mothers, teachers, athletes, writers, politicians, astronauts, prime ministers, businesswomen, religious leaders, soldiers, performers, peace-makers and agents of change. we’re not just pretty faces — we are capable of great things.

now, i’m far from a feminist (please, open my doors, pull out my chairs, put me on your back when my feet are killing me from walking in high heels and yes, absolutely wine & dine me), but i definitely applaud this day of celebrating women. (especially when men think EVERY day of the year is meant to celebrate them! :))

after i got over my initial thoughts (shouldn’t we get presents? why don’t men know about this day? do other countries celebrate it, and it just didn’t catch as much attention as it should in the USA? or am i just the only one who didn’t know it exists?), i started thinking about how many women in the world still don’t experience the freedom and opportunities that we’re blessed to take for granted here in the USA.

specifically, my mind went directly to the horrific sex trafficking of young girls all around the world, a topic that has become more newsworthy over the past few years. most of us have seen the movie Taken, which details the horrors of high school girls who are kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. this is a very real, widespread, unthinkable infringement upon human rights that’s absolutely inexcusable and intolerable. on a day when we’re called to celebrate all the wonderful advancements of women throughout the world, i think we’d be amiss to forget that there are millions of girls and women who are fighting for their lives in a hellish reality of extreme persecution and violence.

ever heard of the organization Love 146? if not, you should check them out. Love 146 is an international human rights group actively engaged in this fight against child/human trafficking and exploitation, an increasingly prevalent injustice that enslaves millions (half of which are estimated to be children) and is a growing issue not only abroad, but here in our own country as well. with a US corporate headquarters based out of New Haven, Connecticut, Love 146 aims to abolish modern-day sex trafficking by raising awareness of this horrific violation of humanity and encouraging people to donate their time, prayers and monetary support towards saving lives and spreading a message of hope.

i’m not trying to put a damper on this day of honoring women — i think it’s wonderful. i just think we’ll have so much more to celebrate when we see injustices like this come to an end, and it’s up to us to help do something about it.

so, what am i doing to celebrate this day? going to an event with some fabulous women from work tonight, organized by my lovely friend Felicia.

it’s a Hunger Banquet where we watch an informational video involving women joining together to combat the issues of world hunger and poverty. pretty heavy undertaking. pretty courageous women.

i’m ready for this celebration…especially since we’re starting over at Southwest for a little girl time and cocktail hour. happy celebrating women day!