despite how excited i was for the fashion aspect of the Oscars last night, coupled with the fact that i’d actually seen quite a few of the movies up for big awards this year, i have to admit — it wasn’t the most exciting Academy Awards i’ve ever seen.

i was hoping for at least a mildly amusing form of witty repartee from the hosts, Anne Hathaway & James Franco:

as individual actors, i enjoy both of them. as the Oscars hosts, they fell pretty flat. you just can’t force chemistry if it’s obviously missing. he had the personality of a gargoyled doorknocker (was he stoned? bored? nervous?), and  her desperately-energetic attempts to keep everyone entertained felt a little over-the-top. i did enjoy her “On My Own” spoof, however, mainly because she was right in singing that she needed Hugh Jackman back up there with her.
we hear you, Anne. we all felt the same way.

but her red-hot, Valentino-clad red carpet entrance appropriately screamed “look at me, i’m hosting the Oscars.”

of course, the highlight for me is always watching the Red Carpet entrances prior to the show to see what fabulous — and hideous — dresses were chosen by our beloved celebrities this year. (for every gorgeous dress, it seems there are 4-5 “what was she THINKING?!” looks. or else i’m just too critical.)

this year had a noticeable lack of black, which was a welcome change, and a dazzling array of sequins, shimmer and sparkles.

as she always does for me lately, Mila Kunis shone forth with my fave dress of the night. seriously, in terms of her red carpet fashion, this girl can do no wrong this year:

a fabulous dream of a creation by Elie Saab. loved the color, loved the cut, loved the draping. sexy, flowy, beautiful, unexpected by all accounts. absolutely my choice for red carpet queen.

some other ladies whose looks i really liked as well:

Hailee Steinfeld, age 14, in Marchesa. she brought her whole family to the Oscars. adorable.

Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier. a lovely, ethereal gown. loved the nude shade, the mesh, the sequins. one of the night’s finest.

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang. talk about a lady who wears red smashingly. wasn’t a huge fan of the alternate-shade-of-non-matching-red purse, but we all slip up. she’s stunning.

Natalie Portman (best actress winner) in Rodarte. beautiful color, memorable neckline and gorgeous draping. perfect choice for her pregnant figure. i have to admit, i wasn’t expecting much after her weird Golden Globes selection, but she looked magical in this one.

if my friend Molly ends up at the Oscars one day (when her husband is nominated for a Best Score award), i think she’d slam it in a shade like this. and yes, we discussed this last night while sleeping through watching the show together.

i’ll stop here with the “like” pix, since these are the ones i thought really stood out. there were a lot of “misses” for me, so i’ll just drop a few:

Amy Adams in Painted-On Sequiny Gravel. what was she thinking here, all around? it looks uncomfortable, overdone, and harsh — like you’d cut your hand if you ran it down her back. sure, she can pull of a silhouette like this, but i don’t like the neckline or sleeves. and while her emerald Cartier bedazzling would look stunning paired with a different gown, it’s far too heavy and mis-matched with this dress. aaaaaaand i’m pretty positive she forgot to get her hair done. big mess.

Gwyneth and Nicole. i’m glad they decided to pose together, b/c i was on the fence as to whose dress i liked less.
N seems to still be in a post-bridal phase, with entirely too much going on here: excessive embroidery and embellishments, a slit and a mini train, and an angular hip structure — way too much, and way too ugly.
and G — where do we even begin? first off — where’s your husband? do you two EVER go out together? secondly, you’re orange. literally. and thirdly — did that dress come from the Deb? did you even try? go home, find your husband, change into sweats and eat for a week. this was a disaster.

yay for The King’s Speech and Colin Firth. absolutely deserving of all the accolades….even if i was asleep by then, and had to look online to make sure they won as soon as i woke up. i’m pretty sure i was dreaming about wearing Mila Kunis’ dress.