the latest issue of Women’s Health (my fave mag, for which i’d loooove to write) features an article entitled “The 76 Best Things to do for Your Body — Now!” (click for the full article/list)

i’m not going to give a run-through of everything on the list, but i thought it was a good reminder of how important our overall health is, and how we can strive to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

it’s eclectic, too, including categories ranging from foods you should eat on a daily basis to things you should NOT give up, to what you need to be attentive to in terms of your body.

here are a few points i especially liked:

  • foods to eat every single day” included some of my personal fave foods: yogurt, berries, low-fat milk and cheese, cinnamon, nuts, and even (shocker!) hot cocoa (so long as you make it healthy, of course). mmmmm. love it when your fave foods are good for you.

  • put your Facebook to good use! (who knew such an addiction could be good for you?!)people were created for relationships — there’s little dispute to that (and i won’t hear it, even if you try). it doesn’t take research to convince us that lack of social interaction and a prevailing feeling of loneliness takes a huge toll on one’s health, both mentally and physically — but for those who need proof, studies show that “having a strong social network improves immune function, protects heart health, and wards off depression and anxiety.” get out there and connect!
  • one word: LAUGH. “The amount of mood-stabilizing endorphins released from one minute of laughing is the same as the amount released with 10 minutes of strenuous rowing.” giggle yourself into a good mood, whether that means a night out with your girlfriends or finding a funny guy to crush on. who needs an excuse to find something worth laughing about?

  • sucking into skinny jeans.” okay, so they recommend using your skinnies as a means to tell how your hard work is paying off and see how/if your body is changing. if this works for you, get on it. me? i just love skinny jeans, so i was excited they made the list of ways to help me live a healthier life. fashionably fabulous is always a pick-me-up.

  • jive with java. that’s right — drink your coffee! turns out it’s the #1 source of cancer-comabating antioxidants we consume, and might even contribute to higher performance levels in areas of memory, concentration and learning. just don’t overdo it (or swirl in too much sugar/cream!).

the usual suspects are included, of course: get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, eat organic when you can, take your vitamins, pack the plates with fruits and veggies. no brainers — we know this.

but a healthy reminder never hurts, right? i thought the list was worth the read. and they throw a few fun ones in there, too. i won’t ruin them for you.

happy healthy you!