when you’re dateless on Valentine’s Day, what do you do?

you call up some other dateless girlfriends and treat yourself to a girls’ night out, no boys allowed. and you love every second of it.

the terrific trio on Valentine’s Day:

Amy, Shawna, Liz, at 675

after wearing black all day yesterday, i decided to show my festive stripes and add a little love color to my wardrobe for our night on the town. (to quote Liz: “who goes out on a Monday? this might be a first for me.”) i kept the black alive and got to wear my new over-the-knee boots for the first time, however, which i was really excited about. they were my happy valentine’s day present to myself.

we had a little rosé, because pink drinks are a must for things like girls’ night out and Valentine’s Day. annnd i had my first celebrity spotting in nyc, so it really turned out to be a spontaneously interesting and enjoyable night all-around. (no, it wasn’t Katy Perry, unfortunately. a girl can only dream.)

i walked into the lobby of the Standard Hotel, which is a really hip boutique hotel in the Meatpacking District that i instantly fell in love with,

and almost immediately, she walks in behind me:

oh, hi kelly! loved you on dancing with the stars. and you look great blonde. congrats on losing so much weight!

even in sweats, she actually looked adorable — wayyyy better in person than i expected. i tried not to stare, but it’s not like i stand a foot away from a famous person every day. we were both waiting for people, so there i was, chilling next to KO for a good 2 minutes before a punky cute boy came to meet her and she walked away before i tried to befriend her. thank goodness i was on the phone.

hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!