how is it that i’ve lived on the West side of Manhattan for almost 4 months now and never gone to Chelsea Market prior to this past weekend?

yes, i know, it’s blowing my mind as well — especially now that i fully comprehend all the charming, quaint details that comprise this NYC gem of a marketplace.

(check out those archways! love how it looks like holes smashed through the brick walls!)

i went on a sunny Sunday afternoon, unseasonably warm for February (thankfully!), so i was already in high spirits before experiencing the quaintness of the marketplace. a bustling, eclectic hotspot dotted with boutique bakeries and eateries and snazzed up with modern and industrial-inspired artwork, Chelsea Market definitely exceeded my expectations.

i didn’t do the sit-down thing at any of the restaurants, but definitely tried a few samples of some freshly baked bread (quite possibly the best bread shop in the city) and some adorably fashionable cookies (they had designs for every occasion imaginable! my faves were the shortbreads sporting faces of those nominated for best actor/actress of the year at the Oscars!). a little wine tasting took place, as well as some lobster-lusting…

and a delicious cup o’joe. 

i somehow managed to miraculously force myself to keep walking past a favorite treat of mine as the batter swirled, but only because i had my all time favorite food to look forward to directly after my marketplace experience. but seriously, this place had such a rustic charm, i subsequently wanted to move my bedroom right into the little spot between the coffee shop and the wishing well. penny for your dreams, anyone? i think mine are coming true quite nicely here in this nearly-feels-like-springtime city.

i basically floated 3 feet above the ground all day on Sunday.

be warned: if you come visit me, i will make you go here.