well, we can’t all stay in our 20s forever. thankfully, i’m not the first of my close friends to turn 30, but i did have the thrilling task of throwing my bff a 30th birthday bash this past weekend.
what do you do when your bff turns 30?
you round up all your girls for a night out in NYC and show her the best birthday bash ever, of course! we celebrated as if we were 20-something divas and not old ladies about to venture into our 3rd decade.

there was some of this:

and some of this:

and definitely some of this:

oh, and lots and lots of this:

yep, we busted out the satin shoes and party dresses and giggled all night with our girlfriends, even managing to score a corner booth at new NYC hotspot Veranda and dance til all hours of the night. when we saw another table order champagne and the waitresses brought it out with sparklers and dramatics, one of the girls immediately jumped on that and decided that our table could not be outshone. we wanted those sparklers. we love a little drama.

hey, you only turn 30 once, right?

they gave us a free hookah, which isn’t my thing but appealed to some of ther others. some guy who claimed he was a dance instructor was twirling girls around the room, one after another, so of course i took my turn. i seemed to be under the impression that the venue hired him to entertain people, sort of like a dancing, non-serving cocktail host. he certainly appeared as an integral part of the atmosphere and was never at a loss for a dance partner.

later, jess told me she was pretty sure he was just there to pick up girls and dance with people. do lounges hire dancers to entertain their guests?

most likely, i was the one mistaken. but hey, who can turn down a dance? and i’d definitely recommend Veranda as a good time.

you’re never too old to celebrate a friend’s special day giddy-girl style. so what if we stayed in bed the whole next day and watched hours worth of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. we made almost-30 look like 25 all over again.

that doesn’t mean i’m anxious for my turn. i like to live vicariously through those around me.