so, are you eating what the rest of your state is eating?

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My Food Looks Funny posted this the other day. it’s a map of the USA, with a food chosen to represent each state. not sure about the accuracy level of all states, but it’s a fun idea. definitely beats a list of state flowers. or birds, for that matter.

some are no-brainers: Hawaii, pineapple; Alaska, king crab; Maine, lobster; Wisconsin, cheese (ya cheeseheads!); Georgia, peaches. oh wait, that’s the list of the states i’m jealous of. oh, right – this map doesn’t mean that people can ONLY eat their signature foods from now on. phew. i got confused for a second.

New York is pizza — no surprise there. pizza is one of those foods i wish i could magically change into a health food. i love it, but i won’t touch it with someone else’s hands. (unless i make it myself, of course…and that happens pretty much never.)

some are totally baffling. like, what’s with Utah’s green jello (is anything worse than jello? and how does it even happen that a state’s food is green jello??). and what’s a Denver Omlette, Colorado? not to mention, has anyone heard of a Benne wafer (South Carolina)? you got me.

but at least those are pronounce-able. when you get to the Dakotas (if people actually live there — i’m not super convinced of this), you stop being able to pronounce what you’re eating. Chislic? Knoeplah? seriously, someone made those up. and Michigan’s “pasties” — am i the only one who thinks of something entirely non-food related with that word?

maybe my food repertoire needs an upgrade.
i like Washington’s. they make me happy, and keep me healthy.

and California’s are definitely spot-on…and can be manipulated into some delicious beverages. mmmmm.

anyone up for an “eat your way through the states” road trip? you can leave me in Cali.