i love to work out. i really, truly do. maybe it’s inevitable; something sewn into the fibers of my being. i am, after all, my parents’ daughter, and they both have a history of athleticism: my dad’s father was an Olympic gold medalist (sadly, he died before i ever got to meet him), and my dad was a great athlete himself, playing college baseball and majoring in PhysEd, then going on to coach a variety of high school sports. my mom grew up immersed in the world of a young New York City ballerina, studying at the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan (think FAME), where her rigorous ballet sessions were an integral part of her schooling.

i come from a line of tough cookies.

i dabbled in a bunch of different sports as a kid but never threw myself whole-heartedly into any one in particular (notice the roots of my commitment issues run deep). there were the years of once-a-week gymnastics, which hardly prepared me for an Olympic debut; the summer swim team stints, which were never as much fun as recreational swimming and diving; the town softball league; the (brief) Saturday morning basketball attempts (i was horrible. and kinda short). i kicked it on the soccer field a bit throughout middle and high school, but my only strong point was that i could spring. my footwork left much to be desired.

so in college, i began running jogging. not to try to join the track team; simply to get into shape.
and 10+ years later,  i’ve never stopped.

i’m not the world’s best runner, but i love it; it’s my me time, my release, my adrenalin-jolt. hardly a day goes by that i don’t run or engage in some other sort of exercise, and i’m thankful i’ve had the dedication and desire to integrate regular fitness into my lifestyle for the past decade. i’ve realized something, however: i don’t stretch enough. lately, my un-flexibility is taking a painful toll on me, and i need to get serious about changing it up.

so last night, Molly & i did pilates and lower body workouts on her living room floor. she yelled at the TV and i groaned about not being able to stretch into certain positions because of my excrutiatingly tight IT bands (bad news!), and we giggled our way through it in anticipation of the delicious dinner her husband would cook us afterwards.

if you’d caught me a few months ago, i’d have doggedly insisted that running was the only form of exercise for me. yup, i admit it; i was a running snob. yes, it’ll always be my go-to and i have no plans to stop; in fact, i’d like to discipline myself to run a half-marathon this year. but after sweating through some spin classes and realizing how enjoyable a home workout with a friend can be, i think i’m a believer in the idea of switching it up.

anyone know any good leg stretches?