i know i’ve said it before, but i’m super blessed.

after a wonderfully relaxing Christmas weekend at home with the fam (and watching someone open stockings for the very first time at age 27! i think my family was more excited about giving him the stockings than his blushing self was about receiving them), i Amtrak’d my way back to NYC in the beginnings of a blizzard (yes, that was the word the weathermen used). snow began to swirl about halfway to the city, and i felt somewhat like a kid on the Polar Express, dozing drowsily in the over-warm car as the white flakes stood out against the darkness. Christmas was over, yet the snow had just begun, and i was barrelling right into it.

i stepped out of the subway into a real-life snowstorm, wind whipping my hair as i trudged around the corner to my apartment. later, i’d hear about all the chaos: trains delayed for hours and hours, losing electricity and heat as passengers shivered aboard; friends who got stuck on buses for 5 hours, or co-workers who couldn’t get into (or out of) Jersey from the city. transportation became a nightmare, and 2 feet of snow quickly made for disgustingly slushy sidewalk corners. i saw a woman in front of me fall into a slush puddle last night, and another woman fell down the subway stairs — all in a matter of 2 minutes. this is scary stuff.

so Sunday night, as i lay in bed with a blizzard swirling around me, my body confirmed for me my long-held suspicion: i am absolutely allergic to cold weather and anything anti-summer. in the wee hours of the morning, i came down with the dreaded curse from hell stomach bug. if you know me, you know i’d rather have anything but nausea. sore throat, cold, headache, earache, skinned knee, strained muscle…yes, i’ll whine, but i won’t want to die.  stomach bug, and i start asking for a pastor and my mom: one to say a final prayer, and the other to smooth my hair (when i’m sick, that’s, like, my favorite thing ever).

obviously, i survived. an entire Monday spent split between sleeping in my bed and watching hours worth of a Hills marathon on MTV (nothing like torturing myself with the California beach lifestyle i so covet as i freeze and gag in NY, certain that i wouldn’t be stricken with the tummy bug THERE), finally ending in a treacherous walk to the store down the street for saltines & ginger ale in an attempt to feel like a part of the outside world again, followed by 10 hours worth of solid sleep (yes, i sleep too much, i’m aware of this) definitely helped. still not back to 100%, and eating as blandly as possibly, but no longer on touch-and-go status.

and the irony of it all is that my unpleasant little sick stint protected me from any pretense at trying to get to work or venturing outside in the disastrous mess of the city streets and subways, and i was entirely oblivious to the frustrating situations many were encoutering as i dozed and felt weak and sorry for myself in my warm little apartment.

of course, i had to trudge through it all on Tuesday morning, grumbling as i sloshed and nearly ruined my leather boots. but i survived my first NYC blizzard fairly unscathed, and next time, hopefully i’ll have some rubber wellies to keep me better prepared.

until i pick up and leave for eternal flip-flop weather, of course. no beach allergies here.