when the world ends, i want to burst open in a spray of stars, illuminating the darkness around me with a cosmic glow i never fully knew how to unleash before the urgency of the imminent unknown pressed upon me with all the weight of a collapsing circus tent.

for this will be no child’s play, this inevitable curtain call, and i would be amiss to think my hopeful eyes will stay alit forever. we make a name for ourselves with kisses and mirrors and paint a pretty party, but don’t be fooled; to make it out of life alive is to have never truly lived. and even in this big top world of trapeze dreams and tightrope breathlessness, you must choose your wishes wisely.

when the world ends, i will watch the colors swirl and tumble around me, folds of fabric cascading relentlessly, while what once stood proudly as Magic’s very harbor turns my life into something delicate and ephemeral.

and it will no longer matter what sequin fantasies i chased or from which catapults i somersaulted in my endless pursuit of adventure and thrills; it will not matter through which fiery hoops i sailed or upon whose shoulders i trod.

when i finally burst open with all the riotry of a cannon’s song, there will be no more secrets, and the meteors & diamonds spewing from my veins will give me away at last as they fasten to the sky and paint it with your name.

for in the end, all i have to give is one simple heart.