september splits me wide, a child of fire
alchemic tongues of reinvention the lazy summer held at bay
unleashed, bursting  forth in ravishing flames
and i’m alight, a Roman Candle in your hands
unpredictable as a wildfire in your gaze

oh who are you, whoever you are
to slip on through and demand my heart
with a simple touch, your feathered fingertips
sweeping a strand of hair from my forget-me-not eyes
and i spin dizzily, holding my breath beneath an open sky

you’ve rendered me weightless, a thing of skin and synapses
at the mercy of such elements as midnight belief and a hammock’s sway
your face in my hands by the water’s edge
a tangle of whispers & “whathappensnexts”
so tell me, love – what happens next?

the dawn’s an awful alluring thing to chase.