i fell asleep at the wheel.

i left the event before midnight when, in the middle of a crowded cathedral full of new and old friends (as well as hundreds of strangers and people i’d yet to meet), i suddenly became entirely overwhelmed with an instant fatigue so all-consuming that i could barely open my mouth to vocalize, “i need to go home.” the friend i was talking to offered to drive, but i assured her i was fine; it was only 10 minutes to my apartment, and i just needed to leave immediately and fall into my bed.

i remember pulling onto 787, winding around the ramps…
and waking up an indeterminate amount of time later, befuddled and sleep-riddled, yet sitting straight up at the steering wheel in complete control of the car i was still driving. i was on a bridge, in the inside lane with cars whizzing past me, going at least 15 miles below the speed limit and seemingly unfazed by my dozing-while-driving…

and ahead of me stretched Manhattan’s sky-spearing outline, the jagged teeth of a frenetic monster eager to devour all who came remotely near its orbit, helpless against the glitz and glamor of its gravitational pull. asleep, i’d navigated my car 2.5 hours south and directly into Manhattan, as opposed to the 10 minutes north to my suburban Albany apartment.

thankfully, i stayed calm enough once awake to steer my car off the road and collect my bearings. i’m not sure if i decided to stay in the city for the remainder of the weekend (i mean, i did drive all the way down there, albeit unbeknowningly — why not make it an adventure?) or turn my little self right back around and regain my bearings, but i do know this:

i don’t waste time sleeping.