a trying week overall, for me, and i’ll admit that probably a half of it was due to my reactive frustration toward various situations and a less-than-desirable amount of sleep. i, for one, require a fair amount of sleep; 8-9 hours really does me quite nicely, and anything less leaves me fuzzy-fuddled and grumpy. combined with all-night coughing, less running than usual and the familiar winter blues descending on a month delay this year, i’d have to say that february isn’t usually full of my shining moments.

which is a good thing, or so i am thinking today, a little rejuvenated by the strength of the day’s sunshine and the fact that my parents came to surprise me at work with Valentine’s gifts. i realize i’ll always be a daughter, first and foremost, because i’ve been blessed with this incredible-beyond-belief set of parents who will always make me feel like the greatest gift in their world and never miss an opportunity to remind me that i am loved. i was a desired daughter; i was someone’s greatest blessing; i was loved unconditionally, from the moment i was born, and this should far out-weigh any scales of sorrow or disappointment or frustration i may experience in other areas of my life.

my flowers are beautiful, and more so because my dad picked them out himself. this week, i’ve learned that it only takes one small act of big love to turn a whole desktop of frustration into a mere pinprick of annoyance. what a fool i am, to let the little things become mountains while pushing aside the best things in my life until they bloom forth unexpectedly and color my day daisy-bright.