i realize that my health is something i take for granted, and it’s actually the last thing i EVER want to take for granted. i’ve been overly fortunate the past 28.5 (sob) years, of this i’m entirely aware. i’ve never broken a bone, had any major surgeries or physical ailments (save orthodontics & mouth surgeries, rendering me brace-faced for 3+ years of my teenage experiences), been involved in any accidents or even had to have stitches. i rarely get hurt, except for the pulled muscles i’ve danced with the past year or two, and sickness usually visits minimally. but when it comes to visit, i tend to remember how blessed i am to be one of the healthiest. being sick reduces me to a clichĂ©, and i don’t know a good thing til it’s gone. sure, i pray every day for physical health and safety for my family and i, and i honestly believe this is something God has honored, b/c we truly are a healthy bunch.

so as i sit here after a fitful night of sleeping propped up and wondering if the alleviation of cough syrup really counter-balances its awful taste (seriously, WHY do they have to make it so unbearably revolting? i should look into inventing a medicine that tastes like chocolate pudding), i’m reflecting on what we can do to keep ourselves in tip-top shape. and really, i think all of these have greatly contributed to my healthy-ness.

  • exercise. seriously, the benefits are life-altering, in so many ways. i’ll admit i’m more than a lil obsessed and probably the whole running while coughing thing isn’t helping my current situation, but exercise is the best thing that has happened to me since…well yeah, there are no comparisons. it’s the best thing ever.
  • eat lots of fruits & veggies. color up your diet. they’re superfoods.
  • vitamins. i know i sound like a mom, but i wasn’t an avid vitamin popper until this year, and i’ve made it til feb. without getting sick at all – not even a cold. that’s pretty much a record. vitamin c has done me wonders this year.
  • cut back on sugar. every sugar high has a harder sugar crash, mentally, physically and emotionally. it’s not as appealing as it first seems.
  • be happy. find things to get excited about; pursue your passions. i’ve been fortunate enough to be able to pursue different ventures this past year that enticed me, and i honestly believe that going after your passions and sporting new accomplishments and discovering unchartered little corners of the world that you didn’t own before adds some pep in your step and life in your body. it’s nice to have things to be excited about, and a happy girl (or boy) is a healthier boy (or girl). you believe in yourself more.
  • sleep. when you start depriving yourself of it (so i’ve discovered), you start realizing just how vital it is to your overall quality of life. even if it interferes with your hours of fun.
  • laugh. i guess this goes along with being happy. laughter does wonders for anyone.
  • love. find people you love and who love you, and keep them close. there’s nothing like knowing that someone knows you inside and out and wants you in his/her life all the same. the safety of real relationships is one of the healthiest things you can give yourself.

so even if i’m coughing, i’m going to laugh, and dance, and try to sleep. because soon i won’t be sick anymore, and i might begin to take my health for granted again…but i’m hoping i won’t be like Alice, and give very good advice that i seldom take. i think a little perspective and discipline is really all we need to keep ourselves in fantastic life-shape.