there really is. i mean, a WHOLE lot to learn. think about it…it’s the one thing we’re all really born to do. from the moment we’re born, we never stop learning (or we shouldn’t, really). it’s an indelible aspect of my personality, i know, to always crave a learning experience. the issue for me has always been choosing one thing to learn — commitment eliminates options, so they say, and i sure like my options open. i was fortunate to have amazing parents who encouraged ryan and i to try anything and everything that appealed to us as children, and so i became the girl who took painting lessons, gymnastics, piano & voice lessons, played softball and soccer, took and taught swimming lessons, and was allowed to pursue any other endeavors that tickled my youthful fancy. i was going to be a writer, an artist, an ice skater, a rock star, a professional hula dancer and a world renown actress, all by the time i graduated from college.

or so one thinks, at ten.

over the years, the things i’ve wanted to learn have changed, but the fact that i always crave new experiences has not. therefore, i’ve decided to dedicate a great deal of my blog posts from now on to my learning curves, keeping a record of what i’m discovering about myself and the world outside myself so i can say “this is where i was, and this is who i’ve now become.” i don’t want to consider anything too small, and i actually think it’ll be good for me to include my “little lessons”: moments of unexpected discovery about myself or someone else or the world i call home, right alongside my cataloging of new dance moves and recipes and things you learn about a friend just by the way they look at you and catch you by surprise.

the point is, i want to see my life as a continuum of newness, and recapture the breathlessness i had as a child when i saw my first shooting star or tasted the first chocolate chip cookie batch i ever made without my mom’s help. i want to rejoice in the everyday, the little lessons, and see how big they really are when i take my life a day at a time. i want to believe i’ve something to discover with every new dawn.

today, i learned i really have a whole lot of life ahead of me, and i need to stop saying “if only i’d…”

it’s never too late.