i had my purse stolen a little over a week ago, which was a rather annoying and encumbering experience to muddle through on a friday night. not that a monday or tuesday would have been preferable, but really…fridays are designed for fun. friday funday, free from frets day.
not so much, that night.
i have to say, however, that i handled it unbelievably well; no tears or yelling or any explosive, pity-me antics ensued, and i quite calmly and instantly accepted the reality of the situation and set about making necessary arrangements with my bank, 2 different police departments and the dmv. a week later, aside from the fact that i’m still minus the possession of one adorably irreplaceable Urban Outfitters silver wristlet (you’ll be forever missed, my cute little purse), everything else has been rectified and no long-term negative implications seem to be awaiting.
and yesterday, in the aftermath of such an annoyance, i received such an unexpected jolt of a silver lining that i’m almost not adverse to the fact that i had to undergo this experience:
my new license picture is really quite adorable.
in and of itself, this would be a nice surprise, but combined with the facts that: 1. i really hated my last picture, and 2. i absolutely never foresaw something as smile-worthy as this coming from a felony, i’m really quite tickled pink.
just goes to show – you never know what surprises each day might bring, or how something seemingly so irrevocably terrible might bring about a surprisingly pleasant return.