last night, my brother and i went for a short run together and then cooked dinner and took a salsa lesson in my living room from one of our friends (who happens to be an incredible salsa dancer, thanks to her El Salvadorian heritage and feet that just won’t stop moving). somewhere between getting caught in the rain during our jog and our impromptu, laugh-riddled lesson to Maria’s fabulous Latin CD’s, i realized that i wouldn’t have changed a single thing about my life that night. here’s what i learned:

  • my brother will always be my best friend – and for that, i’m beyond lucky
  • sometimes, when he says crushed cereal makes a delectable chicken coating, he may know what he’s talking about
  • going out is overrated when you can dance salsa w/ people you love right in your own home, no make-up or heels required
  • new friends make me smile, and new friends who can teach me new fabulous things make me smile a whoooole lot
  • i’m really, really blessed – and i don’t seem to take that into account nearly as much as i should
  • there’s just never enough time in a day to accomplish everything you want to do
  • i wish i knew how to speak Spanish so i could sing along and understand the words