my new favorite reason to use the internet: wordle.
sounds like “turtle,” which is another fun word, and another noun i really like. but this post isn’t about turtles. or it wasn’t intended to be, at least. sometimes you just need to squeeze a lil turtle in where it fits.
but seriously…back to wordle. my boss just introduced it to me and i found myself instantly enraptured with the whole image of a word cloud made from my very own, painstakingly-chosen words…that’s MY word cloud, right there. i made that.
okay, well i provided the content, and some magic tool thingie on the website miraculously gave me a super-sweet layout of my words. either way, i’m a fan.
only problem: i’ll probably get addicted and want to “wordle” everything i write.
here we go. i’m already using it as a verb.