my to-do list for my life has begun to take on a life of its own, lately. either that, or i’ve suddenly become entirely and overly conscious of the fact that i desperately need to learn the art of putting together an action plan for how i want my days/months/years/life to unravel.

which got me thinking…what do i want to DO? i mean, time is of the essence, right? so instead of talking about and dreaming about and driving people crazy obsessing over all the choices and goals and passions that lay bottled up inside my skin and spewing from my mouth on an hourly basis as of late, i need to start DOING.

good thing i’ve always been a lover of verbs. they get you places.

i want to:

  • move to california
  • be a surf bum (thankfully, this correlates nicely with its predecessor)
  • write. write. write. (novels. stories. poetry.magazine articles. whatsoever i am able to extract from my little mind and scatter forth into this greatbigworld.)
  • cut my hair short. just once, to see what it’s like. and i want to like it.
  • clean house. i have so much stuff i need to get rid of. anyone need clothes? i really should start paring down.
  • learn to cook more/better.
  • take salsa lessons. or swing lessons. or both.
  • travel whenever i can, even if it’s road trips, and write about my excursions. this is totally do-able. i just need to DO IT.
  • learn something new all the time.

none of these are really that daunting (okay, maybe california is a leeeetle on the grandiose side, but dream big or go home, right? or something like that), but i’m practicing being an adult these days – which is difficult for a self-proclaimed peter pan syndromer – and so i received some wise advice (thanks mom) lately that went something like this:
“adults make decisions. they do things. they act. and if they make a decision and it doesn’t work out, they make another one. they take responsibility for their lives.”

man, i’m quite the little kid, then.
time to start thinking in verbs.