“i know what you are.”
“then say it out loud. SAY IT.”

…and the little hairs on my arms stand up and i’m literally incapable of removing my riveted eyes from the television screen as she voices, out loud, in his presence, the fact that she knows his tragic, inexplicable, preternatural secret that he can no longer keep her from unraveling in their shared space and time…
from the opening scene, i was more than hooked. i was fascinated, captivated, infatuated. the very thought of a magnetic, unearthly, cosmically beautiful and tragically passionate love affair between a sepulchral vampire and a deliriously impassioned young girl strikes a fiery cord inside me with all the danger and fire of a forbidden-yet-unparalleled love story. the restraint he’s forced to exercise when near her; the juxtaposition of his feral instincts and his heart-wrenching desire to protect her in any and every way imaginable; the way she wants nothing more than to belong entirely to him for eternity, regardless of cost – not excluding her life.
are we capable of loving like this, from the very beginning? do we believe in a love of desperation and transcendence, where everything else in life seems to pale in comparison – and know for certain that it is LOVE, and not one of its many stealthy imposters? to be blackened out completely; bowled over with the very essence of another person’s existence…
or are these things only born of magic and shadows, driven by the frenetic energy of the supernatural?

i won’t pretend to have the answers. i don’t want to have the answers. i’ve always had more than a beggar’s taste for the fantastical. i never claimed to be a realist.

you have to watch “Twilight.” you simply must. from the pins-and-needles tale of a brooding, craving love to the amazing score and cinematography (please, put me on your back and jump me from tree to tree, Edward), the movie left me wanting nothing.
then again…i have this crazy, don’t-even-attempt-to-explain-it thing for vampires.
we all crave a little danger now and then, if we’re honest with ourselves. from the safety of our own little corners…we dream of frenzied flights and the mystery of a darker love, a falling sky, a caution-to-the-wind jump from a jagged precipice…
or maybe that’s just me.