i’m currently diggin’:
• anything pumpkin flavored (esp. coffee)
• Uggs
• faith that transcends all need to understand
• my job, and learning
• heart friends ❤
• Casino Royale (yes, this week marked my introduction to James Bond movies, thank you to my brother…)
• words, and their malleable properties…how they want so badly to ooze out of your very skin in ways that only you can orchestrate, if only you believe in more than reality & logic…
• big rings
• California dreams (my current wanderlust…)
• dance parties in Erika’s kitchen [giggle-clad and elevated surfaces]
• learning to use video chat…and the frustration that ensues when it doesn’t work (after i already became enthralled in its snare)
• bcbg dresses
• autumn days of gold & crimson, of contentment & belief, winding roads weaving through eastern new york and into vermont
• smiles
• running…even in the dark
• having shorter hair (no, not SHORT, but short-ER)
• knowing that it’s up to me to make life what i want it to be…and beginning to believe in myself that i can walk on water, arms & eyes skyward, balancing precariously on the crests of waves while searching endlessly for handholds in the bluest skies