what would you do, if you weren’t afraid of giving in to something much bigger than yourself…
what risks would you take that you can barely even think to act upon right now without your heart instantly set aflutter and the beginnings of self-doubt creeping along the edges of your sanity, blackening and blurry? if you believed that love would prevail, after all, regardless of what hardship you stumbled across along the way, would your perseverance reach unprecedented heights? would you push through rather than give up, knowing you’re destined for an eternity of unspeakable joy? would you dare to step out of yourself and jump into belief uninhibited, your heart a riotous flame inside you burning love through your scorching veins?
what hopes would you flourish on today’s walls rather than tossing aside into tomorrow, pinning down your wings at night as you lower heavy lids lest they grow antsy and attempt a sudden flight you’re sure your little heart just couldn’t take – would you leave them free, believing love would push you skyward, all fear of falling dissipating with the dawn?
it is not our silence that defines us; we won’t change the world with blankets pulled up over our ears. we are heroes of the modern age, given wings of poise and glass we know not how to use and so we hide beneath such practiced charm of sideways glances and almost-love, dancing around the precipice but never entertaining thoughts of what it just might mean if we only learned to jump.